Des Moines River
This was one of my Bows on exhibit at the Phipps Observatory
in Pittsburg,Pa.

I will make Bows by letting the wood give up the draw and pull
from each stave and then I can fill orders by matching my
completed Bows to the Customer.Making the Osage Bow
correctly is a slow process and I can not rush it.

Thanks to my many customers my Osage Stave business has
grown nicely and it takes several months to process my
Osage,Hackberry,and Black Locust inventories to provide
quality Staves to Bowmakers.Producing these top Staves
requires I am as indulgent to each Stave as I am in making each

As always I thank each and every customer who buy my
products and I am always there for support if needed.
If you are thinking of making your own Bow I have the Stave or
Staves for you.

You can only purchase from my website by phone or email.

I feel Primitive Archery is a personal experience and Electronic
Shopping Carts and Automatic Checkouts takes away from
this.We enjoy talking to each customer,answering their
questions,and making their Bowmaking a fun experience.
Please surf this site often as it contains a lot of information as
well as my other sites on Primitive Archery.

Thank you,
James Easter,Bowyer
2603 148Th Ave.
Donnellson,Iowa 52625
319 835 5892/319 835 0916
My web sites on Archery:

Call us at 3198355892 or 0916
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