Osage Staves 2002
James Easter Bowyer
One of the many Mormon Trail
Markers in Lee and Van Buren
County Iowa.This is on the Des
Moines River at Bonaparte.
View looking up river [West]
from the Des Moines River
bridge at Bonaparte,Iowa.This
river is a canoer's heaven for
the 400+ miles it meanders
through Iowa.The River will
take you back in time with it's
remote path.
It does not get any better than
this to get away from the fast
pace of the city.We are looking
East from the Des Moines River
bridge at Bonaparte,Iowa.
Sand bars,rock bars,and
sometimes a waist deep spot
are all part of the enjoyment
here.You can also walk across
the river without going above
your knees if you are
careful.September usually
brings low water levels.
Upriver to Bentonsport,Iowa
Located a few miles up the river is Bentonsport,Iowa.This is a
very quiet and scenic town taking you back in time.You can
walk across this bridge or walk out and sit in on the many
benchs there and relax as the water flows by below.
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